The Cycle of the Gift: Generosity Towards Family and Community

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Duquesne Club
Susan Massenzio & Keith Whitaker

Thought Leader Jay Hughes has teamed up with authors Susan Massenzio and Keith Whitaker to tackle the multifaceted issue of giving in their new book, The Cycle of the Gift. Join Susan and Keith for an interesting program comprised of three main parts: "The Who of Giving," which will focus on the people most deeply involved in family giving, especially the recipients and givers (e.g., parents, grandparents, spouses, trustees); "The How of Giving," which will address the delicate balance between givers, who want to maintain some level of control, and recipients, who want some level of freedom in accepting and growing their gifts; and "The What and Why of Giving" which will describe various types of gifts, from money to business interests to values and rituals. The authors will also introduce their "family bank" concept as a model for combining loans, trusts, and outright gifts with a set of practices that provides a framework for long-term family growth. Even families without great wealth—or those who have already
made gifts to their children and grandchildren—will benefit from the wisdom and practical advice imparted in this program. All attendees will receive a copy of Susan, Keith and Jay’s book, The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom.

This event is open to members and invited guests of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence. For more information or to register, send an email to